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Interior Wall

Brands and products with a vast range of colours suitable for interior wall decorating.

Exterior Wall

Products with large variety of colours suitable for exterior wall decorating.

Metal Furniture & Railings

Range of enamel colours suitable for both interior and exterior, metal and wood based products.

Wood & Furniture

Products for wood and wooden furniture application, for both interior and exterior applications.

Floor & Roof

Range of products specially available for roof and floor applications.

Special Paints

Special range of products suitable for special needs. i.e. road marking paint, high visibility florescent paint, ..etc.

Primers & Undercoats

Products that are used for priming and as undercoats for different decorative coating systems.


Paint brushes, rollers …etc.

Solvents & other Solutions

Products used for thinning purposes (solvents): thinner, turpentine .. etc.

Tools & Accessories

Variety of tools and accessories needed for painting applications.

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